We are more than service providers. We work like interconnected gears towards the success of your business.

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A group of companies that operates in sync within several areas to best suit your company needs.

The Lapa Group is the result of a merger of companies with complementary functions, which form a productive, robust and efficient arrangement to create the ideal solution for your needs.

After performing a thorough analysis of the business, the group develops an integrated solution according to the company profile.

This integration between different segments is the big difference in the Lapa Group, whose innovative proposal meets the most distinguished corporate profiles.

Formed by professionals with over 30 years of market experience and a broad portfolio of tools, the group unites the knowledge and dynamism for the benefit of its customers.

Security and protection to your family.
A company for Management, Consultancy and advisory in the Insurance market.
Engineering risks and property insurance.
A Club that generates several benefits.

The companies comprising the Group operate interconnected, while retaining the individual characteristics in a relationship of collaboration and complicity. Therefore achieving better performance, this is reflected in the results.