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In the current competitive market, companies need to scale and address the threats and opportunities that influence their business and define their profitability.

The Lapaseg, with its area of insurance of property and engineering, works to protect the assets and operations of companies in the new business environment that the Brazilian market is exposed as an emerging country.

The insurance for engineering risks, will protect your construction or building structure, be it a small or large construction or temporary structure of machinery and equipment, it provides coverage for all construction phases of a project, from its beginning to delivery.

The Lapaseg - engineering aims to protect all risks arising from any accident that may result in loss, injury and damage to property as well as faults in installation and assembly


Lapaseg brings a great amount of knowledge and experience on hiring insurance for Engineering, Operations, Oil Risks, Environmental, Civil Liability, Warranty, Credit, Property among others. Lapaseg - Engineering offers customized management solutions and risk management for companies throughout all sectors of the business environment. We design with our client, the group of insurance and reinsurance programs, that transfer the risks that the company does not want to take.

Lapaseg provides the most updated solutions in the international insurance market. Bringing innovations that protects the consultant / contractor against any damage to structural elements for a period of up to 10 years after completion of a project.

The personalized service and management of large insurance claims is a strong differential of Lapaseg - engineering. Our team handles all the required process to assist companies in negotiating with insurers and reinsurers in the adjustment and settlement of claims.